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"You are never given a dream
without also being given the power
to make it come true.
~ 1997 Rebecca E. Parsons

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Early in life I knew I was creative as I would draw, dance, write and sing the day away. I love to experiment and push the limits of the tools and the products creating and exploring with wild abandon. My work has evolved, as has my life, to embrace my love of the human form, nature (especially the ocean) and my spirituality. You will find my work is figurative and whimsical and faces appear in most all my art. My propensity to use texture stems from the roots of my love for decorative painting (commonly called faux finishing).




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Rebecca E. Parsons
Do What You Love Workshops™
2116 Ciera Lane
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
Creative Compass
Faux Is Me
e-mail: cre8Tiva2 at gmail dot com



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Boomer Geek Girl, Rebecca E. Parsons
Knows the Business of Art

an article about Rebecca

Her signature simply reads:
Rebecca E. Parsons, BGG/CCF.

Boomer Geek Girl (BGG), Rebecca E. Parsons has her head in the clouds and one foot planted firmly on the ground. The Chief Creative Force (CCF) behind REP Studios, Inc. has a paintbrush in one hand and a computer mouse in the other. She is a loveable blend of creative innovator and computer nerd.

She is blessed/cursed to have a split personality–51% right brain creative (Cre8Tiva) tempered with 49% left brain thinker (Rebecca). Cre8Tiva is her alter ego and muse. Cre8Tiva/Rebecca can argue both sides of any argument effectively. Add her deeply spiritual soul to the mix and you have the ultra unique character known as the Creative Entrepreneur’s godmother...Cre8Tiva. It is hard to see where Cre8Tiva begins and Rebecca leaves off.

A serial creative entrepreneur, Rebecca has learned the business of art through hard work and hard knocks. She has birthed, nurtured and grown several businesses in her 35-year creative career, some wildly successful and some less so.

The award-winning graphic designer, wordsmith and artist has mentored hundreds of creative business owners during the past 20 years. Her creative business book “The Creative Entrepreneur’s Bible” is just that with its down-to-earth, step-by-step guidance that even the most right brained artisan or craftsman can follow and implement.

To meet her is to get swept away by the whirlwind of passion and enthusiasm she exudes. She radiates caring warmth with a true desire to see you succeed. Her motto is...it is no harder to do what you love than to do what you don't....You can’t help but be inflamed to succeed.

Rebecca says, “I specialize in helping right-brained creative people define their business goals and create a business around their unique abilities and mind-set. Creative souls usually grow their business organically (by the seat of their pants). The passion and excitement of doing what you love becomes tempered by the frustration of working without structure and profits. Lack of discipline results in working harder and harder for less and less.”.”

Her 6-week Creative Entrepreneur Bootcamp takes you from dream to working business model. The unique learning experience is a combination of coaching, classwork, mentoring and action plan designed especially for each student’s ’s life goals and creative personality.

The what is as important to Rebecca as the why. To empower you to do what you love for the rest of your life (the what) while giving back to the universe for the blessings in her life (the why) is the inspiration for her life’s work. Caring and nurturing support focusing on the business of being a creative person are the hallmarks of Rebecca’s success stories.

my bio

Rebecca is an entrepreneur, artist, author, wordsmith, teacher, and popular motivational speaker. She operates Rebecca E. Parsons Studios, Inc. in Fernandina Beach, Fl and Temecula, CA. Studying mainly with French and Italian masters; she has been an award-winning professional artist for over 35 years. She was recently named Top School/Teacher in Who's Who in the Painting Industry.

Rebecca is a sought-after motivational speaker whose blend of deep spirituality and colorful history touches her listeners. She conducts Do What You Love™ Business and Creativity Workshops and is a guest instructor at studios throughout the world including the prestigious John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina.

She is a communication specialist, wordsmith and social media authority who can handle writing, editing and proofreading for today’s knowledge-based, highly specialized business environment. She is an award-winning graphic design professional with over 20 years of solid print and web design experience. Rebecca is an exceptional communicator with extensive, high-caliber computer and design skills who is creative, self-motivated and versatile. She is successful at developing corporate and new business design concepts.

As a Freelance Designer/Technical Writer/ Copywriter/Illustrator, she has helped Fortune 100, corporate and small business clients with web, blog, magazine design, book design, social media and computer software training, corporate identity, software documentation, tutorials, user manuals, articles, project proposals, training materials, technical reports, catalogs, annual reports, signage, trade show displays, and packaging design. She also writes feature articles, blog and web copy, editorial, product instructions, reference and maintenance manuals, technical specifications, and advertising copy. She can manage, direct and contract creative talent and teach software. There is a special emphasis on conceptual communication goals, high attention to detail.

She is a business consultant/coach to many artists and served the Stencil Artisans League, Inc. (SALI) as Editor of “The Artistic Stenciler” magazine for 12 years. Rebecca has appeared on HGTV and the DIY Network and writes for several national publications including “The Faux Finisher” and “American Painting Contractor” magazines.

Her book, “Do What You Love-Love What You Do, The Step-by-Step Guide to Faux Business,” is the only step-by-step guide to establishing and operating a successful business and is used as the textbook by several top educational facilities. Rebecca teaches at creative business and creativity conventions worldwide and is a member of the International Decorative Painting Salon.

She offers professional workshops in decorative painting, business, and creativity. She recently launched two new ventures–Art as Prayer™ workshops and Sacred Arts™, replicating religious icons and illuminated manuscripts. She recently graduated from the Spiritual Direction program at Sacred Heart University.