The Creative Entrepreneur's Bible


The Creative Entrepreneur's Bible is the most comprehensive guide on the Business of Being an Artist or Craftsperson. The subtitle — The Step-by-Step Guide to Creative Biusiness Success — says it all. It is so informative that artists of any genre or discipline will find it useful.

It is the textbook and working tool for Rebecca's Creative Entrepreneur's Bootcamp students. The demand for this book far exceeds these boundaries, so we now make it available to those interested in starting or improving their creative business.

What's In The Workbook?

The Step-by-Step Guide is an in-depth look at ALL aspects of the business of art. It covers such topics as:
  • How to start your own creative business
  • How to run the business you have more successfully
  • How to find clients and commissions
  • How to write a Business Plan, Marketing Plan, & Pricing Plan
It has extensive chapters on:
  • Pricing
  • Marketing
  • Taking care of business
  • Working with galleries
  • Selling at shows and fairs

It is truly everything you will need to know about the business of being a creative! A one-stop resource. Included with the workbook are all the business forms you will need to run your business — from checklists, estimates, and contracts to business cards, stationery, and letters.

How to Order

The book sells for $39.95 and is immediately downloadable once funds are verified. PayPal, Money Order's and checks (with working phone number) are accepted.