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Amelia Island, Florida and San Diego, California

The main teaching studio is on Amelia Island, FL (Jacksonville area) with workshops in the San Diego, CA area (Spring & Fall)


Learn The Art & The Business of Faux

Do What You Love Workshops offer a full range of instruction for professional decorative artists and talented amateurs. Modeled after the great art academies of Europe, the school emphasizes traditional instruction in the decorative arts—including faux finishing, faux marbre, traditional stucco and plaster, muraling, trompe l'oeil, stenciling, and floorcloths. The faculty is drawn from the ranks of the United States most accomplished decorative artists, led by Rebecca E. Parsons.

Our Mission

How We Operate


At the heart of the school program is the studio experience where students have detailed, hands-on instruction. Week-long workshops meet five days a week and include in-depth business sessions based on Rebecca's extremely popular faux business book. It is only by spending as much time as possible in the studio that students develop the necessary skills which, combined with individual creativity, lead to genuine artistic expression and growth. The studio experience is augmented by open exchange and informal instruction.


Whether you desire to build your portfolio with spectacular sample boards, master new painting techniques, or redecorate your home, these workshops are for you! All techniques are completed with water-based media. No previous experience is required. During these hands-on classes, students will learn surface preparation prior to decorative painting, the fundamental skills and techniques every decorative painter must know, color theory, and business/pricing strategies. By attending these workshops you will learn to perform broken color wall glazing… to duplicate the richly textured and aged appearance of European architectural surfaces… to create textured plaster finishes… to render spectacular marble… to enhance surfaces with stenciling and drapery… and much more.


This ongoing series of Advanced Master Classes revives and continues the longstanding tradition of artisans who have become extremely proficient in certain areas of our craft. Upon completion, students will be able to offer these high-end, highly sought after services to their clients. The purpose of these workshops is to introduce varying techniques and philosophies in order to intensify experience working with a particular technique. Techniques studied this year include: Furniture, Stenciling, Euro Plaster, Fresco, Stones/Blocks/Rocks, and Faux Marbre.

Students have an opportunity to intensely study these techniques while advancing their skill level. Requirements for admission vary with each instructor; some classes require intermediate training, while others are open to beginners. Students interested in taking one of these classes are encouraged to discuss requirements with the instructor prior to registering. It is strongly urged that all students try to take at least one Master Class per year to gain new skills or knowledge. As always, Rebecca will share Business Topics and Pricing throughout each session.


Do What You Love Workshops has instituted an open course of Intensive Consultation or Critiques for professional faux artists. Rebecca will offer personalized guidance and direction to further your career goals. These critiques will take place on an 'as requested' basis during the year.