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Are you ready for a change?

Do You Want More... Time...Clients...Income...Joy?

Do You Desire to Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business?

You will be glad you found us!

We guide small creative entrepreneurs to attract more clients-and not just any clients...Your IDEAL Clients...
(the kind who pay you gladly, stay loyal to you as long as you have products or services they want, and refer you to other people).

We know how to build your business and help you make more money. We know how to leverage social media to grow your business and increase your bottom line.

If you want to change, you are in the right place...

If you are:

Do you have any of the following?

We Offer
Guidance for Creative Entrepreneurs and creative people who are forging a life and a business with the work of their hands...
or want to.

Rebecca has been a Creative Entrepreneur for over 30 years. "This is the outgrowth of my life's work as a teacher and mentor to thousands of creative businesspeople over the past 20 years," she says. Let me guide you toward your career dreams and goals. Coaching helps individuals grow and contribute fully to the success of their business and/or life. It provides continuous learning and develops people to meet current and future needs. Coaching is an investment that you make in developing your key resource, YOU! Done well, it is a collaborative process that benefits everyone.

Creative souls usually grow their business organically (by the seat of their pants). The passion and excitement of doing what you love becomes tempered by the frustration of working without structure and profits. Lack of discipline results in working harder and harder for less and less. I specialize in helping right-brained creative people define their business goals and create a business around their unique abilities and mind-set. Caring and nurturing support focusing on the business of being a creative person are the hallmarks of Rebecca’s success stories.

Rebecca says:

"My approach to business is a creative one, mastered throughout a successful 35-year career as a self-employed artist. In 1996 I began mentoring creative people who wanted to have a business that supported them while nurturing their creativity. My goal is to help you increase your profile while you grow, develop and enjoy your business. I offer ongoing mentoring and coaching on a flexible, cost effective contract basis. All Creative Entrepreneurs of any creative discipline are welcome: artists, artisans, craftspeople, writers, dancers, quilters, potters, woodworkers, singers, musicians, graphic and textile designers, architects, photographers, writers...all creative souls."



What you can expect:

Flexibility & Creativity

You never quite know what's going to happen and that calls for the ability to come up with new solutions when necessary and/or discard ideas when they become ineffective. At the same time, the coach should be comfortable with ambiguity, fast change and lots of uncertainty. We use every method available to today's savvy entrepreneur - social media, Internet marketing strategies, teleseminars, webinars, video and audio, podcasts, and much more.

Undivided Attention & Support

Your time is valuable and we will ALWAYS value it. We will create a supportive environment to grow as you do life-changing work and make life-changing decisions.

Interpersonal Skills

The coach must be adept at handling complex interpersonal dynamics and be able to deal with a wide range of personalities. Good listening skills are critical.


Coaching often involves sensitive personal issues and highly confidential information. Honesty, mutual trust, and the ability to keep a confidence are essential.

Direct Talk and Tough Love

Ultimately, coaching is all about achieving real life-changing results. The coach needs to be able to hold people accountable and demand tangible outcomes.

Entrepreneurial Insight

The goal of business coaching is to strengthen a person's performance as it relates to both individual and corporate objectives. An entrepreneurial background is critical to success.

Rebecca’s Clients:

- Desire to make a living and a life with your heart and hands.
- Are sole-proprietors or have fewer than 10 employees
- Are interested in making money, but money is not the top priority
- Desire to grow their businesses without sacrificing themselves, the people they love, or the planet
- Need a strategic advisor to hold them accountable
- Have many ideas but no focus to implement them
- Want to leverage social media but have no clue where to begin
- Want to open an Etsy shop and need help
- Want to get into galleries and shows
- Need a sound pricing strategy

Does Coaching Work?

People seeking coaching are self-guided, so the answer is yes. In order to make a good match between what you want out of the coaching experience and the person who can guide you throughout the coaching process, you will need to be cautious and ask good questions.

How to know if you need a mentor or coach...

People seek out coaches for many reasons. The people we coach are usually working through some significant transition in their life or career and believe that something is holding them back. The most valuable results of the coaching experience are: brainstorming, another viewpoint, encouragement, and being accountable to the coach.

Coaching is not a substitute for therapy and it's not business strategy. You will do the work. The coach guides by asking the right questions that help the client figure out what behavior needs to change and how best to change it. You will learn to engage in authentic conversations and self-assessments to know yourself better.




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