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Have you lost your creative spark?

Are you experiencing some creative block?

Do you want to recapture the creativity you had a s a child?

Do you need to think more creatively?

We can help you regain, reignite, rediscover your creativity and your creative spirit. We offer weekend and week-long creativity retreats to do this and much more...

Journey inward as we explore your creativity and discover or rediscover your inner artist. Unearth your spirit of adventure and learn how to play again. Bring new life to your artform whatever it may be. Individual and group projects will teach you to joyfully appreciate the creative process. Bring an open mind and joyful heart.

We will have more creativity exercises and musings to offer in a few weeks, check back often.

Private 1-on-1 Workshop with Rebecca - Finally, a 1- to 3-day class designed especially for you! The course is organized around your individual desires and goals to enhance or jump-start your spiritual connectedness and creativity. Your choice of several options. The workshop is designed for your specific needs.

Call for further information or to register: 904.261.3321